From Application to Approval

Getting approved is easy.

  • Submit Your Credit Application. It takes less than 3 minutes to apply, and you will be given an account in our approval center. When matching you with a lender, our platform accounts for your location, credit profile, and income. There is no minimum credit score required, as we have lenders who deal with every credit tier.
  • Contact Your Louisiana Vehicle Finance Consultant. Your lender will contact you in order to go over your interest rate and terms. They will direct you through the rest of the process, and give you more information as far as interest rates and terms. You may need to supply some additional information to finalize your approval.
  • Choose a Vehicle from a Dealership Locally. Once approved, you can choose your new or used vehicle from a dealer in your area. Arranging your financing in advance will actually streamline the process of purchasing your vehicle, and possibly boost your negotiating leverage.

The Benefits of a Pre-Approved Car Loan

If you live in Louisiana, there are a number of reasons why you should line up your financing in advance. It lends you a good bit more negotiating leverage with the dealer salesperson, because you’re already approved. It also decreases the amount of paperwork you’ll have to do by hand. Ultimately, it makes for a much improved buying experience.

Many of our clients wonder how much they will be approved to finance. That depends on a multiple of factors, most important of which is your credit and income. Generally, consumers can borrow 6-10 times their monthly income. Those with higher credit scores can borrow at the upper end of this range, while those with lower scores can borrow at the lower.

Louisiana Auto Loan Rates

Your APR rate will be a major factor in the final cost of your vehicle, particularly if you have less than perfect credit. Your actual rate will be dependent on a wide range of factors, but here are some averages based on the experiences of our clients.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 5% 3.7%
690-719 8% 5%
660-689 11.8% 7.5%

Louisiana Loan Requirements

  • Applicant Must Be 18 Years of Age
  • Resident of Louisiana
  • $1500 Monthly Income
  • Zero Repossession in Last Year
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required
  • No Private Party Purchases or Refinancing