Jasmine Battambang Hotel

Battambang means 'disappearing stick', and is given name of a powerful stick used by a legendary Khmer king to achieve and maintain power in the Battambang area. If you visit Battambang and looking a place to stay, Jasmine Hotel is the best choice for you. Jasmine Hotel is new, luxurious, comfortable, affordable and located only 200m to train station,less than 500m to the biggest local market which surrounded by major banks,ATM,school,bus station and taxi in Battambang. Battambang town is the heart of Cambodia's 'rice bowl', and even though it is the second biggest town after Phnom Penh. Most of architecture is French colonial and traditional Cambodian. Few buildings are over three stories, and the main streets are shared by cars and motors alike. Unlike more tourist towns, the local economy is truly local based-firmly is rice, wood, sapphires and food crops- and is reflected in the character of the Battambang town. By the way, as you leave or go to Battambang by road, the scene quickly becomes one of small villages, rice paddies, and farmland, offering and excellent opportunity for visitors to see a bit of 'unspoiled' rural Cambodia. The nearby countryside are also harbors, old pagodas, old ancient houses around Battambang and Angkorian era ruins, caves, waterfalls and killing fields during Khmer Rouge regime taken power. Believing that Battambang would enjoy you and have fun.

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