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Bartons’ Wilderness Adventures is home to some of New Brunswick’s best game hunting.

Over the years we’ve had plenty of hunters bring their wives or family members in our site. All of them enjoyed every minute of their Barton’s hunting experience. It is true! The more the merrier, after all, it is an experience of a lifetime. Speaking of hunters, I meant all hunters including gals, Hunting at Barton’s is a little out of the ordinary. From comfortable accomodation, through great food and preparation, Barton’s services will put you in awe.What makes us even more unique is our hospitality and the “Barton’s Difference”. Our hunting areas cover a varied landscape – cedar swamps and pine ridges. So explore our website and take the advantage of the opportunity for a memorable experience, a chance to bag a trophy bear, deer or moose that you have dreamed of.

Great Hunting

Bartons’ Wilderness Adventures takes great pride in providing a quality hunt during which you will be exposed to the beauty and vastness of the Canadian landscape. Hunting areas consist mainly of cedar swamps, pine ridges and old growth cut-overs. Much of the the hunting is done over baited stations. The average black bear will be in the 200 – 300 pound range, with the chance of a 450 pound trophy bear.

Trip Information

Home cooked meals and shot showers ? We offer them in our family oriented Lodge. To set you in the mood for your hunt, you can sit by the pond, hike our trails or just relax while sitting on the verandah overlooking the lake. When you book with us, we will provide you with the list of gears needed for your trip. Linceses and permits will be taken care of for you after we receive your complete identification.

New Primitive Cabin Features

There are people who flock to bear country each year just for the excitement of hunting big bears. However, many hunters have expressed a concern about heading back to a lodge in the middle of their successful hunt. For that reason, we have come up with a way to give the most avid hunters a new style of cabin where they can stay close to the action and still have a place to relax. Are you curious about what our new primitive cabin features have to offer you?

Our Cabin in the Woods

Even though most hunters enjoy camping out in the woods, very few want to camp among bears that are already being hunted down. They also want to ensure that their camera and phones have a good charge before they venture out the next day. Our primitive style cabins allow them to have the best of both worlds and they do not have to travel all the way back to our lodge.

Features of the Primitive Cabin

Our primitive cabins are not designed to be the most comfortable area around. They are designed to be useful. They have the amenities you need and yet none of what you can do without. They have water, which is collected from the roof and held in a storage tank so that you can wash up after a long day out. They also have limited power thanks to the small portable generator from Generator Power Source that is ready to run whenever you need it too. This generator does not supply a lot of power, but it can successfully help you charge up your camera, phone, laptop, and more. It can also give you a little light so that you are not stuck in the darkness.

Explore Our Newest Cabins on Your Next Bear Hunt

Whereas you may have to travel from your hunting spot to a lodge when you visit other lodges, you will have the option to stay in a small cabin when you visit with us. Our cabins are better than a tent because they offer a place to rest, a place to wash up, fresh water, and power, but most importantly; they keep you in the middle of the action. When you are staying at one of our primitive cabins, you can wake up after resting a little while and get right back to hunting the bears that you love. However, while you are resting, you will not have to worry about a bear or a human being who is also out hunting, coming up on your tent. If it starts raining, you will have a place to go to get out of the rain and you will not have to worry about setting up a complicated tent first. You can charge your phone to let your family back home know how the hunting trip is going and to take photos of the bears that you happen to catch. We do not promise that you will be completely comfortable with all the luxuries of home, but we can say that you will not be sleeping on the ground or without the things that matter to you.


When bear season starts, New Brunswick, Canada becomes a very popular spot to be for hunters everywhere. There are people who leave their home and travel very far to experience a hunting trip that will not soon be forgotten. This means that those people also need a good place to rest and relax before the next day out begins. We have the right answer to the question of “Where to Stay”.

The Thrill of the Hunt

bearhuntingDuring the spring and fall, people flock to Canada to capture big black bears. They say that it is one of the most exciting things they have ever been a part of. There is something very thrilling about man meeting bear and proving that he can tame the beast, especially since that bear will weigh in at somewhere between 300-400 pounds. It really doesn’t make any difference whether you are hunting with a bow or hunting with a gun, the experiences you will have are things you will never forget.

The only downside for most hunters is the fact that they must also find a place to stay while they are visiting New Brunswick, Canada on their hunting trip. This does not have to be a downside for you ever again.

Choosing Your Accommodations

There are a variety of hotels and lodges in the New Brunswick area. They all make impressive places to stay for most people, even the hunters who visit. However, you have to wonder if you really fit in when you walk into a hotel after a long day of hunting? Most likely, you will come in sweaty and not in the mood for an upper scale hotel, but very few people want to spend the night in a slummier area either. That is why many hunters prefer to have a cabin in the woods rather than a hotel or a lodge.

Why Choose Local Cabins?

pinkcamobeddingWhen you decide to go with a local cabin, you will find that you are a lot more comfortable. You will have privacy when you want it and you will be just a few feet away from the action. You can step out on the porch in the morning and see the wild animals nearby. You can take a few steps and you are in the woods ready for a day of hunting big bear. You can even sit on your cabin’s porch and clean your favorite hunting rifle and no one will take offense to you doing it. Isn’t that better than a hotel?

Then you have to consider the way that most cabins in this area cater to hunters and their families. Even if you are planning to bring an infant or a toddler along on your hunting trip, you will still find an impressive cabin that you will enjoy spending time in. Some may even come complete with a crib that has 5868255806 on it. This is done so that you and your entire family can feel comfortable whether there are active hunters in your group or not. The whole purpose of a cabin is to in a home away from home where you can cook your catch of the day or just relax when you are not out in the woods.

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HuntingEssentailsHunting is a sport that many people enjoy. There are also a variety of ways that you can play it. You can practice shooting targets on a range or you can venture out into the wild. You can aim at birds in the air or animals on the ground. You can shoot over long distances or take aim at closer things. There are some skill requirements for each type of shooting sport. You need a good eye, quick reflexes, and the ability to hit your target accurately. Your skills are enhanced with the tools that you carry along with you on your adventures. Do you have what it takes to be the best hunter? Check out the ultimate hunting tools below to find out.

Why Using the Best Tools Help You?

You may not think of it as hunting tools, but there are certain things you most likely take to the range or out into the woods with you when you go hunting. They are the things that you may depend on or pack up without thought. The most obvious thing is your gun. It does not matter whether it is a pistol or a long range rifle, without it, you cannot practice the sport that you enjoy. The catch is, if the gun is not one that is good enough to help you aim true or one that you are comfortable shooting, your hunt will be less successful. Other tools are the same way. Even if it is a pair of shoes that you prefer to wear, a trip out without those shoes may be less enjoyable. Perhaps they keep you comfortable or they help you avoid slipping on the wet ground. Either way, they matter to you.

What’s In Your Hunting Pack??

What Tools Do You Need?

TacticalBackpackYou will need a backpack to carry everything, but the basics of your hunting tools will most likely include items such as, ammunition, a bipod, your gun case, camera and batteries, a hammer and stakes, attractant or something to hide your scent, a spotting scope, tree stands, an AR 15 multi tool, a gun with an accurate scope, and more. This list, of course, depends on the type of hunting you hope to enjoy. If you are using a bow and arrow you need tools that help you with that, if you are on the range, you do not need scent reduction or attractants. You may also feel that you need bug spray, a cooler, binoculars, high-energy snacks, and water to drink, as well as other things. It is important that you put effort into deciding what you personally need.

Do You Have Everything You Need?

BearEssentialsThere is honestly nothing worse than getting out in the wilderness or down by the range and realizing you do not have the right tools. It can put an early end to a day that could have been very successful. Before you venture out, check your backpack to ensure that everything you need is in it, clean your gun, and perhaps print off a personal checklist to ensure that you have everything from your knives and multi-tools to your medication.


patio-pressure-washer-1024x768-300x225Those who have a pressure washer, should do their research by reading electric power washer reviews for models with no more than 2000psi, a standard garden hose, and a suitable detergent if needed. They may also want to wear rubber boots if they are worried about getting their feet wet in the possible splash back of the water. If you have a cement patio that you are cleaning, the PSI will be less of a factor, but when you are pressure washing wood, too much pressure can damage the surface, and that kind of defeats the purpose of cleaning and maintaining so that it looks great for years to come. If your pressure washer is gas powered, you also need to ensure that you have fuel and that you are caught up on the pressure washer’s maintenance. For an electric pressure washer, you simply need an available power outlet near where you plan to wash.

If you have chosen the scrub brush and soap process, you may not have an easy task, but with a little elbow grease you can get it clean. It will take a little time, but the end result will look amazing. A scrub brush truly gets down into the groves of both concrete and wooden surfaces. However, depending on the size of your deck, you may choose to scrub only the worst areas and use a water sprayer that allows you to pinpoint water pressure onto the rest of the area.

A pressure washer should be used carefully, unless you have cleaned the area before and know exactly where you need to spray and how to spray it. The most common suggestion is to begin pressure washing in an area that is usually hidden to ensure that if you do accidently damage the surface, it is not noticeable by you or your guests. Start out holding the pressure washer nozzle about 24 inches away from the surface and slowly lower it while sweeping the spray back and forth away from you so that you have less splash back. If it does not achieve the desired clean, you can gradually decrease the space between the nozzle and the surface area of your deck or patio. If you notice damage, stop immediately and back up the nozzle to a safe distance that does not cause damage.

If you have a tough to clean area, you should spray a little detergent into that area and let it sit for a moment before you attempt to wash. This will allow the soap to penetrate into the stain. However, you do not want to wait so long that the soap dries into that area or it could leave a residue that is harder to get off than the stain you were trying to clean up.

After you have cleaned your deck or patio, if necessary, you may want to consider weather proofing it to make it easier to clean in the future. This may also make it easier to clean in the future. After you have finished with that, you will be able to put your furniture, your plants, your grill, and your pets back onto the deck where they belong and once again enjoy those evenings outdoors with your family and friends.

The Ultimate Bear Hunting Rifle Setup

There are areas where bear hunting is legal. They are hunted for their meat, which tastes really good according to most people who have tried it and they are also hunted for their fur. Another reason to hunt them is the simple fact of controlling them in the most bear populated areas, such as Canada. Regardless of why you choose to hunt bears, knowing the best bear hunting rifle setup is crucial to a successful hunt. Here are a few tips to help you discover what you need.

Do You Need a New Gun?

For the most part, all gun types are acceptable for hunting bear so most people do agree that if you already have a larger game, deer or wild boar rifle, you will not need to upgrade your gun. Rather than first questioning if you have the right type, you need to know where you will be shooting. There are some who can bear hunt in an open field, those people need a rifle that shoots a cartridge for long distances and straight. If you are going to end up baiting the bear or having your dog track him, you may end up needing to fire at close range.

This means you do not need to worry about the cartridge length as much as you need to worry about having the best short range scope you can find. For this you may need to read up on all the rifle scope reviews that you can find and perhaps considering your option to purchase a scope that is more suitable for your needs. In this case, you should search for the 801-266-2191 and most people do suggest having a highlighted area inside of it to ensure accuracy.

Choose Your Bullets Wisely

Bears are not known for being small in all areas of the world. Some bear in areas will reach a couple hundred pounds maximum. In other areas, they may reach as much as 500 pounds. Your gun and the scope you have on it are only impressive if the bullets are also good enough. It is recommended that you use stout bullets. Premium bullets that are designed to penetrate deep are best because of the way built. Their legs are very strong, their shoulders are dense, and their back muscles are very strong. Whether you have a shot that is easy to make and dead on target or if you have to work at it to get the right hit, you will fare a lot better with this type of bullet.

Know Where to Aim

This is another area where a good scope can help you the most. If your scope is too high powered for the target area to be close, you will end up firing at a blob of color. If the scope is not detailed enough, your aim may be off and you will end up misfiring and either only causing injury to the bear or have him take off. As a worst case scenario, he could even run into your direction. The best possible scope can help you aim in an area of the bear that is easier to hit and one that will cause death to happen quickly. It is more humane and better for all if you hit in the head or the chest. Therefore, aim wisely and you will have a more successful hunting experience.