Build intelligent machine learning models in minutes

Latest Tech News

Our team is constantly looking for the most exciting news, rumours and articles from the biggest tech giants out there such as Intel, Nvidia, Google, Microsoft, Apple as well as startup companies.

Intelligent Design

We create applications that are designed to be robust and efficient so that even large, complex data files can be handled with ease. Providing the most important toolkit in your company, used to streamline workflow.

Great Machine Learning

As technology enthusiasts, we develop a wide range of machine learning based applications. These applications include KNN, CNN and regression-based applications. There is something useful for everyone - whether your just a hobbyist or a professional that needs to process thousands of data entries at a time.

Easy to use

We make our applications so that the user experience is nothing but a few clicks: whilst we handle all of the messy stuff for you.



As you make changes in the application, you will see live feedback of the results that the machine learning models produce, creating an efficient workflow.

Clean interface

We have taken the hassle out of having to program your own machine learning models and made it as simple as tweaking a few numbers.

Easy to import

All you need to do is drag and drop your CSV or TSV file, and you are ready to go!

Easy to export

Once you have finished processing your data it is as simple a downloading one of several file formats; whether you need your graphs as an image file or as a spreadsheet.